Visa Waiver Program is Good for Security and the Economy

In our society public figures make statements that on the surface may make sense to some people but when you dig in are really just wrong (I know, huge understatement right now). Regarding the Visa Waiver program I’m hearing a lot misinformation and I would like to share a bit to reduce the threat of it being scaled back or cut.
This is a program that is a win win for our country’s economy AND for our security. This is not a short cut for travelers at the expense of oversight of who is getting in to the U.S. On the contrary because of this program we have increased security standards for both the United States and the partner nations. “The program provides information sharing, allowing us to know far more about citizens visiting from participating countries.” This is a good thing when it comes to security.
It is also a good thing when it comes to our economy. Because of our reaction to 9/11 the first decade of the millennium left the U.S. dramatically trailing most other countries when it comes to receiving foreign travelers (officially an export because the money originates from outside the U.S.) In the travel industry we call it the “Forgotten Decade”. For one of the largest industries in the country, this is a big deal. The Visa Waiver Program, and the recent enhancements made to it, are a common sense approach to keeping us safe and improving our economy. It should be celebrated right now, not threatened.
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