Pandion is a travel industry consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. Clients span the globe and range from travel companies and entrepreneurs, governments, and travel destinations and associations. Pandion’s mission is to raise the standards, quality, and sustainability of the travel industry. This is accomplished through facilitating community development workshops, designing and delivering industry training, and direct consulting with businesses and destinations. At the heart of this work is a passion for sustainable business, and the concept that we can have a profound impact on the world due to our actions.


Pandion is led by travel industry veteran, Dan Moore. Dan has over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, professional travel guide, and workshop facilitator. Dan’s specific expertise lies in adventure tourism and outdoor recreation. In 2007 he helped found the adventure and ecotour company Evergreen Escapes. Over the course of six years as the company’s COO he got a crash course in best practices of tour company operations, including guide training, permitting, sustainability, and staff management. Dan went on to found Pandion Consulting & Facilitation in 2014 and expanded on his knowledge and experience through nearly a decade as a consultant to travel businesses and destinations. Dan has designed and facilitated numerous workshops for communities perched on the frontline of adventure tourism who are developing sustainable strategies to harness their nature and recreation assets for economic and community benefit. And he is a trusted advisor for many CEOs and business owners.

In 2015 Dan led the team that created the first international adventure travel guide standard (ATGS) and continues to serve on the governance board of this global initiative. He has taken this standard and created cutting edge guide training courses delivered around the globe. He also teaches Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, and Guide Training at Peninsula College in Washington State. As a trainer and educator, he has an easy, comfortable and confident demeanor and is able to put people at ease in his presentation style and interpersonal communications skills. He provides a fine balance between teaching and inspiration – leading communities and groups to their own conclusion.


Laura is a professional project manager and community development expert. She has years of first-hand experience cultivating relationships in communities, and has developed projects with a deep commitment to community empowerment and leadership. Laura has an MBA in Sustainable Business and is versed in triple-bottom line accounting. She has been a leader in connecting sustainable agriculture with culinary arts, and understands the dynamic between needs of business owners with the consumer.

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