Pandion is a travel industry consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. Clients span the globe and range from travel companies and entrepreneurs, governments, and travel destinations and associations. Pandion’s mission is to raise the standards, quality, and sustainability of the travel industry. This is accomplished through facilitating community development workshops, designing and delivering industry training, and direct consulting with businesses and destinations. At the heart of this work is a passion for sustainable business, and the concept that we can have a profound impact on the world due to our actions.


Pandion is led by travel industry veteran, Dan Moore. Dan has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur, professional adventure guide, and educator. He specializes in designing cutting edge tourism education products. His vast operations knowledge, including guide training, permitting, sustainability, and staff management is what differentiates Pandion from other consultancies. Dan sits on several non-profit boards, and is a member of the faculty for Adventure EDU, the education and consulting arm of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. He also teaches Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, and Guide Training at Peninsula College in Washington State and is the Chair of the International Adventure Travel Guide Training & Performance Standard Governance Board.




A highly experienced wilderness guide, trainer and educator, Myles is Director of Training for one of Europe’s leading adventure travel companies – Wilderness Scotland. He is also a lecturer on a BA (Hons) Adventure Tourism Management and an MSc Ecotourism at The School of Adventure Studies, University of the Highlands & Islands.

Myles is an experienced wilderness guide with many years of sea kayaking, canoeing, sailing and mountaineering in many of the worlds wildest places.

He is committed to the principles of ecotourism contributing positively to communities and wildlife. He has a fascination for the traditional uses of plants and other natural resources and runs training on wild food and ethnobotany.

As well as delivering a range of educational and adventure tourism experiences, Myles is very involved in staff training, both bespoke and ‘off the-shelf’ products for practitioner and academic audiences. His main area of current work is in adventure guide training both in the UK and overseas.

He is passionate about sea kayak & canoe expeditioning and has paddled all over the world from the Antarctic Peninsula, Greenland, Baffin Island, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Madagascar, New Zealand, Canada, West and East coast USA as well as extensively in his home waters of Scotland.



As a consultant, Eric blends his insightful creativity with technical know-how to help companies clear obstacles, identify new opportunities, and reimagine themselves.

Eric’s work with systems has taken him all over the globe: designing propulsion systems in California, landmark structures in Washington, and traditional stone construction in Spain.  Eric’s other pre-travel industry work includes Director of Operations at a Bolivian University, and as a small business consultant in Bolivia and the U.S.

Eric was inspired to make the leap from the sharp-edged world of technical design into the more fluid realm of the travel industry by the positive impacts of travel, and a perceived opportunity for companies to do more to support meaningful experiences.  As a Director at Evergreen Escapes, a founding partner at innovative transformational travel design company Evergreen-X, and an original partner at the Transformational Travel Collaborative, Eric consistently fuses his design background and systems experience with his expertise and passion for travel to promote and facilitate more meaningful travel.





Laura is a professional project manager and community development expert. She has years of first-hand experience cultivating relationships in communities, and has developed projects with a deep commitment to community empowerment and leadership. Laura has an MBA in Sustainable Business and is versed in triple-bottom line accounting. She has been a leader in connecting sustainable agriculture with culinary arts, and understands the dynamic between needs of business owners with the consumer.










Following an initial career in property and environmental consultancy, Paul switched to the travel industry in 2002 via a year working and exploring in South America. Recognizing the world-class potential of Scotland as an adventure travel destination, he co-founded Wilderness Scotland. From small beginnings, Wilderness Scotland has grown to establish a market leading reputation for high quality and innovative adventure experiences in the wild places of Scotland, Ireland and England. Over the years, Wilderness Scotland has won several major travel awards including being ranked No.1 in Europe by National Geographic in the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth. The company’s commitment to sustainable tourism and wilderness conservation has also contributed to its success and recognition, with Wilderness Scotland twice being named as the Best Green Tour Operator in the World Travel Awards.

Currently Managing Director of Wilderness Scotland, Paul is on the Advisory Board of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. He is also a Board Member of the UK’s largest national park – The Cairngorms. Paul has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh with specialisms in marketing, eco-preneurship and sustainability. He has also completed the Entrepreneurship Development Program at MIT Sloan School of Management.