Training and Education

The Pandion Team has over two decades of experience professional guiding, guide training, and delivering educational programs. We are always staying on top of industry trends and standards to make sure our clients are learning methodologies and content that is cutting edge. Trainings are offered in:

> Guide Training

> Customer Service



Tourism Development

Pandion works with associations, travel destinations, and governments to help build the travel and tourism infrastructure needed to support the next generation of travelers. We offer:

> Rural tourism workshop

> Travel asset assessment



Business Consulting

The travel industry is an exciting and growing industry. New businesses are in demand to meet this growth and keep the destination creative. Whether you want an outside perspective or have exhausted all your staff resources, Pandion works with you to design creative and brand specific travel products. Starting from the preferences of your targeted traveler and finishing with optimizing for the needs of your operation, tours, itineraries, and packages are designed, and created ready for rollout.

Travel companies of all sizes and sectors benefit from an outside perspective analyzing and evaluating your programs for quality, safety, educational content, and more. What are your strengths that you should be marketing better? Where would more training or specialized staff best be utilized? Harness our expertise from years of creating and delivering world-class experiences and our time studying diverse products throughout the globe. Pandion offers consultation in:

> Operations support

> Product development

> Marketing

> Start-up support

> Program audit

> Strategic planning


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